Finding a job:

- How can I apply for a job?
At the bottom of each job offer, you can find the "How to apply for this job" section with the contact details of the company that posted the job offer. Each company has its own recruiting procedure.

- Can I apply for a job, even if I am not from the EU?
Yes, anyone can apply for the job offers, however, non-EU nationals may face extra administrative formalities in order to get a working permit and a visa.

- Can you help me with my visa?
No, we do not provide this service. Please contact your embassy for more information on that topic.

- Do I have to speak German to apply?
Not necessarily. Some job offers may expect from you to speak German, some not. Please check the "Office language" in job offers to find out what languages you are expected to speak.

- What does the application have to look like in Germany?
A typical application includes a CV with photo, a cover letter, copies of your diplomas and reference letters from previous employers.

- Can you help me with my application?
No, we do not offer this service. You can find more information on how to write applications here.

- Is my qualification valid in Germany?
Most likely, however, you might have to translate diplomas and certificates for your future employers.

Posting a job:

- How much does posting a job offer cost?
Posting a job offer is completely free! Simply click on "Post job offer" on the right column and follow the steps as indicated.

- Can I post a freelance, part-time or hourly job?
Absolutely. The platform is not only for full-time permanent job offers. You can post all types of job offers and clear up the type of contract you have to offer in the field of the same name.

- Can I post a job outside of Germany?
No. This job platform is for jobs located in Germany only.

- How can I edit a posted job offer?
Editing job offers is not possible at the moment, so please be careful when posting a job offer! If you made a mistake, you can post your job offer a second time.

- How can I delete a posted job offer?
Job offers are deleted automatically after three months.


- How did you come up with the idea?
Working at with its international environment, we could see at first hand how Europeans are more and more willing to go and work abroad. We decided to facilitate this process by putting this job platform together.

- Who is participating?
German companies and start-ups as well as international companies based in Germany with job vacancies.

- Aren't 1.000 jobs just a drop in the ocean?
It's a start! We are paving the way towards a faster and easier way for German companies and European jobseekers to meet, hoping the process will be even straightforward in the near future.

- Is an internship a real job?
An internship is usually a full-time position for a set amount of time and little remuneration. They are typically suitable for students or young professionals looking for a first work opportunity.

- What happens after 1.000 jobs and 365 days?
We'll try our best to keep on bridging the gap between jobseekers and employers and maybe set the challenge even higher!

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Several international and local companies have teamed up to fulfill one purpose: bridge the gap between their need for foreign workers and foreign job seekers looking for a job in Germany. Whether the employer is a service provider or a product retailer, they all have qualified job offers for Europeans with a native language relevant to their business.

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