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Many German companies are looking for international people.
Many international people are looking for jobs.
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Several international and local companies have teamed up to fulfill one purpose: bridge the gap between their need for foreign workers and foreign job seekers looking for a job in Germany. Whether the employer is a service provider or a product retailer, they all have qualified job offers for Europeans with a native language relevant to their business.

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Foreign employment is booming within Europe. With a raising interest in our neighboring countries and mobility made easy thanks to open borders and the disappearance of working visas, Europeans not only travel more but they move more spontaneously to a different country to gain professional experience and discover a new working culture.

Germany is a land of many opportunities and has many German full-time jobs and part-time jobs to offer. Many start-up companies are founded in Germany looking for international employees to complete their multilingual teams. The German start-up scene is leading in Europe with strongholds in major cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Frankfurt. Dynamic cities with many employment opportunities for foreign workers are an attractive choice for many European job seekers.

Job offers in Germany include highly qualified positions as well as entry-level jobs in all sorts of professional domains. You will find sales job offers, IT positions, marketing and community management opportunities and multiple job offers.

Speaking German is not always a requirement, a good level of English and your native language is usually what you need to bring along with your professional skills. You will find plenty of opportunities for native Spanish speakers, for Italian native speakers or French native speakers among many other native speakers from all over Europe.

Browse job offers posted daily that fit your qualifications. You can filter the job ads by language to display only Spanish jobs, English jobs, Portuguese jobs or Italian jobs in Germany. You will find many opportunities for Europeans with a native language that is competitive on an international level.

German employers and German companies are more and more on the search for foreign employees to facilitate the internationalization of their products and services. However, the recruiting process can be difficult and tedious because the recruitment resources for European employees at the disposal of human resource managers are limited and not always efficient. In order to make it easier and faster for German international firms to find the right candidates in a short amount of time, we offer a recruitment platform targeted at European job seekers who, on top of their professional qualifications, are capable of adapting and localizing your products and services to the global market. The need for speakers of a foreign language can arise within German start-ups as much as well-established German concerns.